Eardly Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘Ell1a’ 200ml


Extra virgin olive oil of early harvest, of superior quality from Ligourio of Ancient Epidaurus with excellent organoleptic characteristics ..

SIZE: 200ml


TYPE: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality category of olive oil that one can consume. By definition it must have free fatty acid level below 0,8%, zero organoleptic defects and a fruity flavor. For better quality, it must be derived by cold extraction in temperature below 27oC.
Manaki variety is mostly grown in the region of Argolis in the Peloponnese. A variety that matures slowly and can thrive in high altitudes. The harvest period starts from the end of October until the beginning of January. The olive oil produced is sweeter than most varieties, with mild bitter and spicy taste and aromas of tomato, apple, banana and grass. 
Acidity is one of the quality parameters set by IOC for extra virgin olive oil. By definition EVOO it must have free fatty acid level below 0,8%. This value is always determined by a chemical laboratory and cannot be detected by sensory analysis (you cannot taste it).
AROMAS: Intense fruity aroma and taste of freshly chopped herbs, tomatoes, herbs, green banana and artichoke.
Contrary to many people’s beliefs, olive oil aromas are not endogenous to the fruit, but are produced by the activity of olive enzymes in the olive oil extraction process (crushing-malaxation). They depend largely on the variety of the olive, the degree of ripeness of the fruit at harvest as well as the milling practices.
HARVEST: Fall 2020
As any fresh and very sensitive to oxidation product, olive oil must be consumed within 18 months from the harvest time, for enjoying all its aromas, flavors and health benefits. In the Northern Hemisphere where Greece is, the harvest is taking place from October to January.
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Ell1a Early Harvest, is an extra virgin olive oil of early harvest variety Manaki. The olives are harvested by hand in early October when they are still green. The The olive oil they produce is low acidity with a high content of antioxidants ingredients, with intense green fruity aroma and complex taste profile.


Type : monovarietal
Intensity : mild
Origin : Peloponnese
Packaging Type : glass with marble lid
Net Weight : 200ml

Meet the Producer

Inheritance from 1945. The extra virgin olive oil Ell1a is produced in our family olive groves in the area of Ancient Epidaurus. It is the result of our deep love and knowledge for the olive, its precious fruits and the production of high quality olive oil. “Respect the natural cycle of growing trees and you will be rewarded,” Grandpa George kept saying, and this advice was a commitment for us.

Pairs Best with

Leafy green salads, village salad, raw vegetables, white and red grilled meats
grilling, hunting, grilled and boiled fish, seafood, fish and seafood sauces,
soft cheeses, soups, pastries, cakes, ice cream, yogurt and desserts in general.


Gold Quality Award at Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 202
Bronze Standard of Excellence for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil atThe
Olympia Health & NutriXon Awards of Olive Center.


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