Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest fat on earth. It is a great nutritional treasure with numerous benefits for human health and is rightly considered the king of the Mediterranean Diet.

Inextricably linked to the tradition and culture of the Greeks is the product that has occupied the human spirit and senses more than any other. Basic nutritional component but also an integral part of the sacred mysteries of Christianity. Nowhere else is the heritage of the olive tree more intertwined with the mythology and everyday life of a population than in Greece, where its complete cultivation took place for the first time about 5,000 years ago.
In Greece, there are ideal conditions for the cultivation of olives and the production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The numerous endemic varieties of olive give olive oils with different tastes and aromas that are worth discovering and integrating into your daily diet, creating unique flavor combinations.

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Castello del Barone 700ml

Extra virgin olive oil blend Koroneiki & Manaki ”Ootopia” 500ml

Extra virgin olive oil Manaki ”Ootopia” 500ml

Organic Koroneiki Single Estate Iliokastro ”Ootopia” 500ml

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ”Armakadi” bio 500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic ‘Klea’ 500ml Blue

Extra virgin olive oil ”Pathos” 500ml

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Maroneia ‘Monogram’ 200ml

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Athinolia ‘Monogram’ 200ML

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘Monogram’ 500ML

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘Mer des Oliviers de Delphes’ 500ml