Chios Mastiha PDO Large Tears ‘Mastiha Shop’ 100gr


Chios Mastiha in large tears.

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Chios mastiha with its various beneficial actions, combined with its amazing aroma, is an amazing tasting experience. Chios Mastiha is its natural resin pistacia lentiscus var. Chia, a tree that grows only on the island of Chios in the Aegean, Greece.


Chios mastiha.


Type : herbs-spices
Origin : Chios
Packaging Type : papper
Net Weight : 100gr

Meet the Producer

Mediterra SA, was founded, in 17 June 2002 by Chios Mastiha Growers Association, with the main objectives: establishment of a marketing tool for mastiha (mastihashop), development, production, promotion and sale of mastiha products worldwide, development, production and sale of high quality Greek products, development & implementation of promotional activities

Nutrition Facts

per 100gr:

Energy: 213Kcal / 877Kj
Fat: 23gr
Saturated: 3.2gr
Carbohydrates: <0.1gr
Endive Fibers: 1.9gr
Proteins: 1.5gr
Sodium: 1.0gr


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