Tentoura Liquer ‘Camari’


An excellent cinammon liquer with great taste and aromas.

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Tentoura is the traditional liqueur of Patras, produced in the city for more than two centuries. We create our own tentoura with love and passion since 1885, following Ilias Camaris’ unique recipe. Our recipe is simple and mysterious, as it hides many small secrets… Cinnamon, clove and nutmeg extracts offer are behind its lovely aroma and its beneficial properties. Enjoy it chilled after your meal or use it to add flavour to your sweet and savoury dishes.


Type : liquer
Origin : Achaia
Package: glass
Alcohol Content : 21%
Net Weight : 200ml, 500ml

Meet the Producer

Today, technology is harmoniously blended with tradition, as the company creates new products using the same, old recipes of times bygone but not forgotten. With the same love and unmistakable passion for the goods we produce for over a century now, our aim remains to bring you top quality through our exquisite flavours.


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