Double Distillation Ouzo ‘D’Artemis’


Excellent double distillation greek ouzo. Double distillation double pleausure!

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100% double distillation. Made of strictly selected raw materials and the traditional secret recipe of Othon Panagiotakis. It is certified at all stages of limited production and numbered bottles . A product with home care, selective taste and aroma . That is why the author signs with pride. Unique pleasure.


Type : spirit
Origin : Athens
Package: glass
Alcohol Content : 46%
Net Weight : 200ml, 500ml

Meet the Producer

Mykonos Vioma was established in 1994 as the result of Nikos Asimomytis’ dream to engage with Mykonos’ productive tradition. He abandoned Athens – and his career as a bank inspector- and returned to his fatherland. The cultivation is organic, bio-dynamic, based on the principles of Rudolph Steiner. Thanks to the microclimate of the region –strong north winds and lack of water- and due to the rich ingredients of the soil, remaining free of chemicals, pesticides and intensive cultivation, we produce healthy grapes of a superior taste and quality. The traditional Aegean-sea grape varieties are naturally compatible with these conditions. Weeds are eliminated and the soil is fertilized with the co-operation of the farm animals.


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