Roasted Pistachio of Aegina with Salt ‘Aegina Pistachio Producers Cooperative’


Excellent pistachio of Aegina, roasted with salt.

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Excellent roasted pistachios of Aegina, salted, with amazing taste and crunchy texture.


Type : peanuts
Packaging Type : plastic
Origin : Aegina
Net Weight : 250gr, 500gr

Meet the Producer

The Agricultural Cooperative of Peanuts of Aegina was founded in 1947 under the name Cooperative for the Sale of Agricultural Products of Aegina with the main object of selling feed, seeds and fertilizers to its members. It appears from the Cooperative’s archive that the instigators of the “cooperative” project from the beginning wanted to establish a peanut branch within the newly established organization. The purpose of the Cooperative was – and is – to create a positive financial intervention to its members and in general to the families of the island who were engaged in peanut cultivation, so that they are not trapped in the low prices offered to them by locals and “foreigners”. »Nut traders.


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