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Organic Aromatic Herbs Blend ωmega ‘Verum herb’ 30gr


Excellent organic aromatic herbs blend ωmega.

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Excellent blend of organic herbs, with amazing taste and aromas.


Type : beverages
Origin : Argyrotopos of Thesprotia
Harvest: Manual
Packaging Type : papper
Net Weight : 30gr

Meet the Producer

Verum Herb is a family business of organic cultivation of aromatic plants and herbs. In an area of ​​one hundred and thirty acres, the Komini family utilizes the potential of Greek nature and offers a natural and completely healthy proposal.
Verum Herb, means the real, authentic Greek herb, without chemicals, without treatment, dried in natural air and shading conditions. It means high quality aromatic plants, rich in essential oils, natural aromas, wonderful flavors that retain all the special beneficial properties and characteristics. By choosing Verum Herb you enjoy the authentic natural taste.


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