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Olive oil is the headline of the Mediterranean diet! It has a numerous health benefits ranging from blood pressure and pain reduction to minimizing the risk of various cancers. Experts recommend we should consume two to three tablespoons per day. Greece has the highest intake of olive oil per person in the world. The last 50 years there have been many studies all over the world looking into the benefits that olive oil has for the health. We’ll mention some of the most important below: 1.People who consume olive oil regularly are much less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, stroke and high

Honey: Such a small word with so many benefits! A food so nutritious that has been benefiting humanity since the era of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. These cultures used honey as a cure against infections and as ointment for the healing of wounds. Honey is constituted of saccharides, mostly of glycose and fructose and has extremely significant health benefits since it is immediately metabolized by humans! Furthermore, what is especially noteworthy is that honey not only combines so many beneficial ingredients but also that they seem to have a unique impact on human health! Eating honey has positive effects on people with

The term “Mediterranean diet” refers to the eating habits and traditions of Crete and Southern Italy during the 1960’s. This dietary model made Greece famous making scientists all over the world turn their interest to the “Cretan phenomenon” and the longevity of its population as we as to the roads of the Mediterranean in general. Greek Mediterranean diet is complete in nutrients and fully covers all the dietary needs of people in every age. The basic principle of Greek Mediterranean diet is the triptych Balance- Measure –Variety. The pyramid of Mediterranean diet comprises: • Plenty of fibres (fruits, vegetables, bread / cereals,


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