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Thyme Honey ‘Melampous’ 300gr


Excellent thyme honey from Argolida.

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With a production of only 10% of the total honey production in Greece thyme honey surely is a unique honey. The flowering of thyme lasts 30 to 40 days depending on the soil shape and weather conditions. Thyme honey has a pleasant taste, but sometimes, due to its high concentration of fructose, it leaves a burning sensation in the mouth. Intensely aromatic honey with a colour usually light amber. This type of honey crystallizes in a period of 6-18 months.


Type : thyme honey
Origin : Argolida
Packaging Type : glass
Net Weight : 300gr

Meet the Producer

Glavas Honey is a family business started by the grandmother who was a beekeeper in the area of ​​Kalavrita in the Peloponnese and continued by the father who in 1972 managed to buy a transportation mean and thus to start the nomadic beekeeping. Glavas beekeeping, reaching the 4th generation today, continues to produce-collect wild honey in the plateau of Helmos and specifically in the plain of Lousa Kalavrita, in an area full of firs and various other wild flowers and local species of  flora offering the best variety of honey. Apart from Fir Honey, Glavas beekeeping also collects-produces other types of honey such as: Thyme, Flowers and Conifers, Heather and Arbutus, Orange, Pine, Oak etc.

Nutrition Facts

per 100gr :

Energy: 352.40 kcal/ 1497.70 kj
Total Fat: 0gr
Saturates: 0gr
Carbohydrates: 88gr
Sugars: 53gr
Protein: 0.1gr
Salt: 0gr


Great Taste Award 2019


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