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Thyme Honey ‘Mouriki’ 300gr


Greek, pure, raw Thyme honey, from Fokida.

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In early July in Galaxidi, in a coastal “thyme place“ which is famous for its fine thymes, we collect and harvest an excellent aromatic and famous honey: the Thyme honey, maybe the most favorite and well-known kind of honey in Greece. Deservedly it is one of the first choices of consumers globally on the grounds that it is considered an excellent aromatic honey, with wonderful light amber colour and great dietary value .
Thyme honey has an open amber colour, unique taste and a distinct rich flavour. It has plenty of restorative and antiseptic properties, great nutritional value and is rich in minerals such as copper and iron. In Greece thyme honey is considered one of the most popular and dear varieties of honey


Type : thyme honey
Origin : Stefani, Viotia
Packaging Type : glass
Net Weight : 300gr

Meet the Producer

Mouriki Greek Premium Honey is a family that has been serving nomadic beekeeping since the early 1960s. Based in Dervenochoria, Voiotia and a bee population of over 2,500, as modern honey nomads, we transport our bees throughout Greece, to mountains, forests and meadows rich in flowering, fully protected from human intervention. Starting from Messinia we reach Thasos and from Central Macedonia and Halkidiki to Central Greece and Evritania.
We recently created a permanent apiary consisting of 200 beehives on the island of Kimolos and Milos in order to produce rare Cycladic Thyme Honey with Wild Lavender. The movement of our bees in so many different places throughout Greece offers us the opportunity to produce top quality honey, rare varieties, something that is proven in practice by the numerous quality and innovation awards we have won in international competitions.
Oak Evritania Honey, Thyme Honey of Fokida and Cyclades, Pine Honey of Thasos,
Heather and Chestnut Honey of Halkidiki are just some of the varieties we produce. 2020 was a milestone year for Mouriki family as we launched new honey packages, supporting the notion that nomadic beekeeping is not just a way of life, can also be high quality art, something that is perfectly reflected in the honey jars of Mouriki Greek Premium Honey. Color and originality in design have a dominant role and come in perfect balance with the colors of nature and the unique flavors. The strong elements of geometry, the ancient Greek and at the same time modern lines create the feeling that the vase is a small work of art.
Innovation in honey packaging, awarded for their unique design, seals the new era, givingMouriki Greek Premium Honey a unique identity in the market. But what does not change is the traditional varieties of honey, the taste and the journey of aromas and flavors, something that one immediately realizes when opening a jar of Mouriki Greek Premium Honey.

Nutrition Facts

per 100gr :

Energy: 328 kcal /1394kj
Total Fat: 0gr
Saturates: 0gr
Carbohydrates: 82gr
Protein: 0gr
Sodium: 5mg


London Honey Awards 2021 – Silver Quality Award

The Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020- Gold Award in Quality Category

Olymp Awards 2020 – Silver Taste Award


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