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Organic Fir Honey in Creamic White’Melissourgion’ 200gr


Excellent organic fir honey from Olympus.

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Fir tree honey is highly appreciated for its properties, and could be described in short as a natural super food! Extremely rich in the B vitamin complex, such as B6, B3, B1 and B5. Also contains nutrients such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, manganese and potassium. It contains quite low natural sugars and thus is lower in calories. It is also known for its antiflammatory and boosting properties and is highly recommended in cases of throat soreness.


Type : Fir
Origin : Olympus
Packaging Type : ceramic white
Net Weight : 200gr

Meet the Producer

Melissourgion, which means apiary in ancient Greek, started in 2010, after deciding to leave our busy city lives and work with bees. We selected the island of Evia, a perfect location for our bees, as this place is an unexploited miniature of Greece.

These tiny heroes, our bees, are treated with respect and love. All our products are organic, cruelty free and as raw and pure as can be, straight from the hive.

Our 9 time award winning products (Great Taste Awards and Biolmiel) could not be anything but perfect in taste. Melissourgion honey is something that you will never forget.  It’s an experience that will take you from the thyme fields to oak trees all the way up to Mount Olympus, the house of the Greek gods…

Join us and make your day the sweetest ever!

Nutrition Facts

per 100gr :

Energy: 304 kcal /1271 kj
Total Fat: 0gr
Saturates: 0gr
Carbohydrates: 82gr
Sugars: 82gr
Protein: 0gr
Sodium: 4mg


-WINNER at the BIOLMIEL contest in 2014
-1 STAR winner at the GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2014.


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