Orange Balsamic Cream ‘Messino’ 250ml


Excellent Orange Balsamic Cream.

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Combining the classic taste of MESSINO balsamic cream with natural orange flavor we invite you to give a new flavor at your food! We recommend to use MESSINO orange balsamic cream on grilled meat ,next to a traditional sausage, on your favorite green salad or even as a topping on the traditional Messinian cheese, ”talagani”. You could even try our orange balsamic cream on your summer fruit salads.


White vinegar, concentrated grape must, orange flavor.

Stabilizers: xanthan gum, guar gum


Type : vinegar
Origin : Kalamata
Packaging Type : plastic
Net Weight : 250ml

Meet the Producer

The history of our company lasts several years. Before 1974, Panagiotis Papadeas began to supply wine factories for the production of alcohol and vinegar in Athens and Piraeus. Taking ideas from these factories he decides to start his own vinegar production business. Now the products of the company Dionysios P. Papadeas and Co. EE. are on the shelves of several stores under the brand name messino, while at the same time large quantities of our products are exported to foreign countries. They are produced with the same traditional recipe for 40 years and according to the regulations of the necessary certifications.

Nutrition Facts

per 100gr :

Energy: 177kcal/750kj
Total Fat: <0.1gr
Saturates: <0.1gr
Salt: 0.052gr
Carbohydrates: 42-45gr
Sugars: 38gr
Protein: 1.5gr


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