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Moisturizing Face Cream Phytoactive ‘Fruits & Fleurs’ 50ml


Superb moisturizing face cream.

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Deep hydrating face cream that enhances the skin’s ability to retain its moisture, preventing daily water loss. It slows down signs of ageing, enhances new cell growth and helps maintain healthy skin tissue. The cream’s active ingredients, strengthen skin’s natural defenses. The moisturizing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties of the cream, normalize the appearance of the skin by increasing elasticity and leaving it shiny, smooth and firm.


Type : natural cosmetics
Origin : Athens
Packaging Type : glass
Net Weight : 50ml

Meet the Producer

We are a Greek, second-generation family business with leading occupation the production of cosmetics. We already released a natural cosmetic series in the market, Fruits & Fleurs “olive” and we are developing complete series for third parties (private label). We have the passion to promote the treasures of Greek nature and not only, and also for creating natural, effective, safe and innovative beauty products.

The Greek cosmetic brand Fruits & Fleurs “olive” has introduced a premium series of highly aesthetic, natural products. Our name as well as our logo is inspired by the natural active ingredients we use. The color combination of gold and dark brown reveals the premium character of the series and its earthly creations. We have chosen the olive tree, the tree of longevity, as the symbol of our products. The reason for that is that the key ingredient of our products is greek organic olive oil. According to Homer it is “liquid solid gold” and Hippocrates calls it the “great healer”. The main ingredient of our series is Greek organic olive oil. Olive oil is one of the most complete ingredients of nature, due to its antioxidant-antiaging and rich moisturizing properties. According to recent studies Greek organic olive oil, in particular, has the best quality in the world.


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