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7 Star Brandy ‘Metaxa’ 700ml


Excellent greek brandy, with rich aromas, flavor and a prolonged aftertaste with fruity finish.

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A balanced and fruity brandy with an amber look with copper reflections. It has a round taste with full body. Its rich flavor is combined with ripe peach, prune and dry flowers aromas.


Type : Brandy
Origin : Piraeus
Packaging Type : Glass bottle 700ml
Alcohol Content : 40%

Meet the producer

Born in 1848 in Greece, Spyros Metaxa is a descendant of a family of silk merchants. An adventurer and man of taste, he decides to establish his own business in fine goods. Always travelling, Spyros Metaxa discovers different spirits and wines from around the world. Spirits of his time tend to be harsh on the palate, without much aroma or character. Spyros Metaxa dreams about crafting a unique spirit that is smooth yet intense. It would be a spirit that was a real journey through the senses. In 1888 he creates METAXA, the Original Greek Spirit.


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